About the Blog & Author

This blog is a personal initiative for decrypting the world of politics, but not exclusively, and take it in a serious but understandable manner. As a Venezuelan master student in political science, international development and cooperation, I will give my opinion on politics, international relations and breaking news. For more activity check out my Twitter account:


I was born in Caracas in 1987 and I grew up exactly at the same time when the system “started to crack” !  The end of the 80’s was “the beginning of the end” and it’s necessary to understand the story backwards, I try to work on this analysis… I left my country when I was 20, after taking part of the student’s protests and political activism that lead the opposition to win the only election against Hugo Chavez. Today I live in Paris, it’s been 8 years, I’ve studied in Sorbonne University (Paris 1 and 3) learnt French, studied, worked and kept studying… The good news is that I’m almost done! It’s been awesome to be able to enjoy from Paris’ rich cultural, historical, political and “cosmopolital” heritage. I also contribute for Voices of the World and I’m chief editor of the student’s journal in my institut – Paris Cambur Pintón available on Calameo platform-

Habrán publicaciones en español, english & français…



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